Flirting in Chat Rooms – Your Essential Guide

Flirting in Chat Rooms – Your Essential Guide

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Flirting in Chat Rooms – Your Essential Guide

Finding your groove with flirting in a chat room isn’t as hard as you may think. It’s a bit like going to the gym, most people give up when they don’t see results straightaway. Flirting in a chat room has many similarities to that of flirting offline in person. Know the best places to go, always be respectful, show off your own personality and make sure you are being honest with what you are looking for.   

Chat rooms where you can flirt

In theory, people can flirt anywhere whether it be via chat rooms, online dating sites, Facebook, Instagram, at the local bar or a party. The beauty with flirting online is that it’s much easier to skip some of the small talk because we can safely assume the person you are chatting to is there for a similar reason as you. There is a certain amount of assumption. Below are a couple of fantastic websites for you to start your online flirting strategy: If you’re more of a private type of person and prefer to avoid big crowds, offers a great solution. The website has several popular chat room categories catering for various niches. The functionality of this website allows its users to communicate only via private chat rooms where communication and flirting is done via one on one private messaging. Some of the chat room categories include:

Dating chat, gay chat, lesbian chat, teen chat and depression chat rooms. With this one on one system, you won’t have to put up with annoying trolls trying to take over the chat room. There is no registration process and what’s even better, it’s 100% free! If you like to mix things up when it comes to flirting online, this website has it all! Firstly, there’s the option to signup as a regular member via a quick registration process. With this, you can browse member profiles and message people directly to their inbox. The website also has a fantastic range of chat room options.

Users can opt to join the busy chat rooms without registering and remain anonymous if you prefer. There is an open public chat room available with options to chat and flirt privately via private chat as well.         

How to flirt online 

Flirting online without being sleazy

For the guys – it’s crucial not to make a name for yourself as a creep or sleaze. Web cam chat is a popular means to see exactly who you are dealing with. On the other hand, particularly for many women, web cam chat can make things awkward and uncomfortable. By using plain old emoticons to express yourself and showing people you are a fun person, will quickly demonstrate that you are not one of the many sleazy guys who frequent chat rooms.

Most women will expect an influx of sexual innuendos when chatting online, use this to your advantage and refrain from using sexually suggestive pickup lines and you’ll stand out from the crowd. 

Witty banter

The key to a person’s heart is through laughter and a witty sense of humour. Flirting is fun, a few jokes and a light-hearted approach will allow your personality to shine through. Chat rooms make flirting much easier than face to face so treat this like a practice run for the real deal because at the end of the day, the majority of people hope to find chemistry and ultimately meet up face to face.

Think of a chat room as the perfect way to break the ice, with less pressure when you’re searching for a connection.    

Give compliments

Give someone their dues if they have impressed you and offer a compliment. If you’re exchanging photo’s and find them attractive, go right ahead and offer a sincere compliment. If someone is funny, tell them they make you laugh. At the end of the day, if someone is uber impressive let them know you’re taking notice with a charming compliment and you’ll make their day.         

Take the initiative

Think of simple ways to go beyond the normal compliments with a more direct but tasteful approach “Gorgeous pic!” and go right ahead and ask them what type of relationship are they looking for? If someone really stands out in the chat room, it can’t hurt to jump right in before he or she is snapped up by someone else in a private chat. Remember though, don’t overdo it. Remain respectful, and refrain from cheap pickup lines.     

Flirting just for fun

If you have no intention or desire for any meaningful relationship or a casual hook up, just keep on with the innocent compliments and charm. No point in asking someone what they are looking for and stringing them along. If you’re not seriously looking anywhere past the chat room itself, then don’t waste peoples time by acting as though you’re looking for something other than a bit of online fun and banter so keep things light. 

Flirting for a relationship

If you’re flirting with a relationship in mind, offer sincere compliments based on what you see or hear about that person. If you’re attracted to their mesmerizing eyes or their killer smile, start there. Decide what really stands out to you, even if it’s something random they probably never even thought about themselves. Make a point to comment on it so you make them feel extra special. This is a great approach to get noticed, as it’s clear you are paying extra attention to the little things about that person. 

Flirting for a Hook-up

If it’s just a hook-up you’re after, don’t pretend otherwise hoping to lure someone into something they are not interested in. When it comes to finding a hook-up using a chat room, make it known you are not looking for a relationship or searching for a soulmate. Don’t be that chat-rat who gains a reputation for luring someone into bed by pretending you want something more just so you can get laid.

Chat room communities quite often form a core group of regular chatters and once you get known as the chat-rat, the game is up, and the regulars will warn the newbies to stay away from you.   

Honesty in your flirting

Above all, the most important thing to do when fliting online is to just be honest. Regardless of the type of relationship you are looking for, you owe it to the people you’re communicating with to be above board and authentic with your intentions and hopefully you’ll receive the same respect in return.

By being honest, it doesn’t mean you need to disclose personal information yet, it’s more about not misleading others into thinking you are interested in the same outcome as them if your motive is different to their expectations.   

Do’s and don’ts of chat room flirting

When it comes to flirting in a chat room, there are some subtle differences to flirting in person.  

Your privacy

Do not ever disclose any of your personal details when communicating via a chat room. Make sure you never reveal any of the following information:

• Any part of your location, including the city you come from.

• Your family name, first names are fine for now.

• Who you work for, or the location of your workplace.

• Where you go to school or university.

• Your phone number, refrain from posting this in a public chat room.

• Credit card details or any kind of financial information.

• Your daily schedule or routine. 

When is the right time to meet?

When the timing is right, there may come a time when you’ll want to meet up in person. When you have taken the right steps and your new friend has earned your trust, you can start moving towards meeting up in person. Move from the chat room to emails and phone calls as the next step. From here you can make arrangements to meet up somewhere in a public and neutral location – but avoid having your new friend pick you up from home for the time being.  

Remember, safety first and foremost – it’s important not to rush the initial part of meeting up for the first time. Always remain cautious, flirt all you want to online but when you take the next big step, the relationship will be completely different. He or she may not turn out to be what you expected so you need to be fully prepared for this, just in case things are not as you anticipated.

If someone you have been flirting with in a chat room isn’t who you think they are, the last thing you want to deal with is that person knowing your personal details and potentially being stalked or harassed.     

The internet offers many choices to find connections, always make wise choices when it comes to your safety and have lots of fun along the way.

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