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Public chat room. Chat to local singles across every state and town. Mingle with people in your local area.

Dating chat room

The right place to find men and women of all ages who are looking to connect via online chat.

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100% Australian targeted lesbian audience to meet single women online.

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100% Australian owned free gay chat room service specifically designed for gay men.

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Australia's favourite place for teens to hangout online!

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Connect live to other people also dealing with anxiety via private one to one chat lines

About Us

How to use our chat rooms

Whether you like to chat privately, or prefer to chat to other users in the main chat lobby, below outlines the features of this website, and how to use it to get the full benefit of

In the main navigation of the website and throughout the website itself, you’ll notice there are several large icons which link to our various chat categories.

The first step to getting started is to simply select which chat room you’d like to chat in.

For example, if you choose the dating chat room (or any of the other rooms), you’ll first be redirected to a profile page which requires you to answer 5 quick questions, so other chatters can read a few basic details about you.

  1. Choose a username.
  2. Choose your gender.
  3. Choose your age.
  4. Choose your country.
  5. Choose which state you are located in.

Done! You’re ready to go! You’ll then be re-directed to the room you chose and can start meeting other users.

From here on, you’ll be able to move about the site selecting any of the other chat rooms without having to keep logging in. Decide on which chat room you’d like to explore for instant access, it’s that simple.

Once you are in one of the rooms, you’ll be able to view a list of available chatters and start instant messaging people, in private! Our private chat rooms also allow users to share photos with each other. You’ll have the option to accept or decline photos. You can also use our block feature to stop receiving messages from people you don’t wish to chat with.

If you’d like to mingle with a larger group of people, we have also introduced a public chat lobby so you can exchange banter with multiple people in a public chat room environment.

Once you start forming a connection with one of the other users, you may decide to invite them for a private chat in one of our private chat categories. It really is that simple.

One of the main attractions to our chat website is the pure simplicity in which to use the site. Many other chat rooms out there involve messy and complicated interfaces. sets itself apart from the rest with a very simple to use, but powerful chat room platform which allows users to maintain their privacy.

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