Chat Room and Online Trolls. Understanding Why They do it

Chat Room and Online Trolls. Understanding Why They do it

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Dealing with Annoying Chat Room Trolls

Chat room trolls seek to disrupt and misbehave using internet chat rooms with the sole purpose of offending and disturbing chat room conversations. Most of us who use the internet and chat rooms as a means of a social outlet will agree that having to deal with trolls is simply an unfortunate part of using these services.   

What is a chat room troll?

When we look at the context of chatting online, a chat room troll is basically someone who will purposely annoy, interfere and upset the other users by posting offensive, derogatory and insulting comments in order to provoke other users with the aim of disturbing live online conversations in an imposing and hurtful way. In short, the goal of a chat room troll is to say hurtful and negative things to other people with the intention of arousing an emotional response.   

Handling chat room trolls

If you’ve never had to deal with an online troll, it’s quite easy to get sucked into their world, often playing right into their hands when you’re on the receiving end of their bile. However, if you use smart tactics you can take measures to combat their negative comments. Follow these tips: 

chat room trolls

Know the difference between trolling and a disagreement   

There is a line, sometimes only a fine line, between a heated or spirited chat, a harmless disagreement, or blatant and deliberate trolling. Before you jump to any conclusions ask yourself this question; Have you been acting in a provocative or inflammatory manner?

Is someone in the chat room acting in a rude manner for no reason whatsoever or are they simply stating their point of view? Are they making a valid point or are they just being plain ill-natured? If a person is blatantly obvious with their comments and spitefully disagreeing with you for no reason, then it’s probably fair to say you are being trolled. To know for sure, try removing yourself from the conversation and wait to see if that person continues to act in a trolling manner towards other people using the chat room.           

Refrain from feeding the troll 

Trolls will feed off your negative responses, it’s precisely what they are there for. The more you feed them the hungrier they become, similar to any wild animal. The trolls will never give up, they will simply continue to amplify their rhetoric the more you continue to engage them. Stop feeding them and they will eventually stop, and you win. Trolls seek to totally thrive on people’s attention and feel great joy causing other people considerate discomfort. 

Experienced trolls will feel immense joy by successfully baiting you into their world and consider their actions as one big joke. By starving chat room trolls of attention, they will seek to move onto other victims who will hopefully deal with them in the same ways as this article suggests. Trolling chat rooms is nothing short of another form of deliberate online bullying, where complete strangers are targeted for no logical reason.    

Why do they do it?

People use chat rooms to troll for several reasons; Boredom, jealousy, fear, loneliness, attention-seeking, or revenge. Studies have also found that online trolls have issues integrating into the real world, and expressing their insecurities in this way allows them to feel a sense of power which they are unable to replicate offline. There is also a sense of feeling untouchable by using the internet and chat rooms to carry out these hurtful attacks.

Experienced trolls even go to extreme measures to hide their IP address and location by hiding behind a VPN service. As you may have guessed by now, trolls are cowards. In order for trolls to keep functioning, they will do their best to keep their details hidden, which allows them free rein to go about their business. But they aren’t always invisible.   

By doing a little digging, you may find out a bit about them and who they are. By doing this, make sure you let the troll know what information you have on them, and ensure to let everyone else know too. Once you remove their veil of invisibility chances are, they’ll vanish by bringing their identity out into the open.       

online troll

Report them

Trolling chat rooms are not accepted by any chat room moderator. Trolling is considered a violation, check the terms and conditions on the website. If you come across violations such as trolling do not hesitate to report the offending person to the website administrator. The majority of chat room services provide simple steps to help you report this kind of behaviour. Also, check if there is a ‘block’ feature which will block any conversations between you and the troll.  


Online trolling comes in various and many forms. Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, or your favourite chat room. This kind of behaviour ranges from personal attacks, name-calling, and other various profanities including hate speech and sexual harassment. A survey found that 59% of teens have been the subject of online harassment, particularly via social media. 

This behaviour has become so rampant that some websites have even had to resort to completely removing their comment sections. Experts believe that trolling is carried out by a smaller vocal minority of individuals from a wide-spread range of individuals. 

Other studies show that trolls have indoctrinated personal and biological traits including a proneness to seek out opportunities for excessive stimulation.            


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