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You have landed on Australia's favourite place for teens to hang out online! Get chatting to other teens nearby in just a few seconds. No need to worry about having to register or wait for email confirmations to get started.

Whether you are single, attached, gay, straight, or unsure, you'll find other fun and exciting teens online via private one on one chat rooms where endless possibilities to connect with other teens online are aplenty!

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  • Our teen chat rooms for Australian guys and girls are free to use 24/7.
  • No need to download software or register. Choose a cool nickname and start chatting right now!
  • Refrain from posting emails, website links, or messaging ID's.
  • Users above 19 years of age are not permitted to use the teen chat rooms - please choose one of our other free chat rooms.
  • Never disclose your phone number or details relating to your home or work address.
  • Always be respectful towards other users and refrain from using vulgar and offensive language.
  • This chat room is not designed for offensive suggestive activities. We promote activities to help you find new friends and meaningful relationships.
  • Please do not use offensive suggestive nicknames.
  • Please always be vigilant as people are not always who they seem to be online.
  • Do not meet people offline who you meet through this service.
No need to register
Photo Sharing Feature
Teen Mobile Chat Room
Chat Randomly With Other Teenagers

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Public chat room. Chat to local singles across every state and town. Mingle with people in your local area.

Dating chat room

The right place to find men and women of all ages who are looking to connect via online chat.

Lesbian chat room

100% Australian targeted lesbian audience to meet single women online.

Gay chat room

100% Australian owned free gay chat room service specifically designed for gay men.

Teen chat room

Australia's favourite place for teens to hangout online!

Depression/anxiety chat room

Connect live to other people also dealing with anxiety via private one to one chat lines

teen chat roomsTeenager Chat Rooms 

Chatrooms.org.au is a safe and private free teen chat room and online social platform for Australian teenagers to hang out and make new friends. Guys and girls can meet other teenagers online thanks to our 100% free teen chat rooms.

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The process is simple, time-saving, and hassle-free! By logging in and creating a username, you'll be able to save the chatrooms.org.au icon to your home screen which then allows you to be instantly connected to your free chat rooms for teens every time you tap the icon on your home screen.

Photo Sharing Feature

If you would like to exchange photos with your new friends, you can do so privately so only your new friend has access to your photos.

Teen Mobile Chat Room

Enjoy our free live chat rooms on the go! Connect easily and quickly with other local teenagers. Chatrooms.org.au is available on any device.

Chat Randomly With Other Teenagers

Other users are waiting online via our live private messaging service. Chat requests are not required, initiate a private conversation in just seconds!

Chatrooms.org.au lets you connect with dating partners, single guys and girls, friends, and more. Chat seamlessly without the hassle of registering or email confirmations.

See how quick and simple our technology instantly connects you to live teenagers across Australia!

A teenage lifestyle is highly defined by meeting new friends, staying in touch with old friends, and general chatting. As the world turns and continues to take shape as a global village, chatrooms.org.au has risen to the occasion by providing teenagers with a one-stop-shop for all their social needs.

Our online chat rooms enable teenagers to hang out online, access free services without the hustling registration requirement.

The free teenager chat room enables the users to meet all persons in the Australian public including lesbian, gay, straight, attached, or unsure to make friends and explore the world together.

This is achieved through secure private and anonymous chat rooms that connect them all at chatrooms.org.au. The application is dubbed with all essential features making it the ultimate platform for teenagers to hang out. 



  • At chatrooms.org.au we provide free services. All our platforms including the teen chat room are free for use, 24/7, and accessible from any device.
  • The free teenager chat room has been developed with the best user experience designs. We have further eliminated functionalities that are bothersome to different users including the registration process, clustering marketing emails as well as bugging pop-ups. All the users require is a username and they are good to go.
  • We highly advise the users not to post their emails, contacts, website links, or messaging IDs. We are found on the novice idea of protecting privacy in online chat rooms. We have gone the extra mile of working around the registration process to reduce the chances of passing private information.
  • The free teen chat room has been strategically developed for teenagers. We therefore only allow teenagers to access the portal. All persons above the age of 19 are therefore advised to use other free chat rooms on the platform.
  • To further improve on security we advise all our users not to share their personal information to any user whatsoever the case. This includes information such as your phone number, home address, or any other associative personal information.
  • All users are required to avoid online trolling, use of offensive language, or hate speech. Chatrooms.org.au is a platform that promotes the idea of an online community with online guidelines. The free teen chat room especially is one where such language is strictly barred.
  • The free teen chat room restricts its users from sending offensive suggestive activities. Users are advised to report cases where such material is solicited or sent. The management is keen on ensuring the platform is used to develop meaningful friendships, share ideas, and grow together.
  • While we don’t require users to register, you have to create a nickname to identify your account. This free service however discourages users from using offensive suggestive nicknames. The offensive suggestive content is not allowed in any location on this portal.
  • Stay alert by monitoring the information you share and receive. In a technological space where innovation has been known to be disruptive, several users often take advantage of unsuspecting users. In cases of any suspicious messaging make sure you contact the management.
  • Make sure you hang out with your online friends online. Do not meet these persons offline. This will enable us to continue guaranteeing your security.


Choose your chat room

General/dating chat room

The general/dating chat room is the perfect place for all users. Besides the specialized chat rooms, this space enables users to meet the general Australian online community to connect and discuss an array of topics.

This is the perfect landing space for users still discovering themselves away from the specialized chat room. 

Gay chat room

The gay chat room is one of the specialized chat rooms where Australian gay men meet. The free chat room brings together this special lot of Australian men together where a host of topics, friendships, and relations are founded. 

Lesbian chat room

The lesbian chat room is a specialized free chat room where single Australian ladies meet to build meaningful relationships. The chat room enables the lesbian community to have their own space where topics Australian lesbian community are discussed. 

Teen chat room

The teen chat rooms are a space for teenagers to meet online and hang out. The online chat room has been developed to ensure teenagers have a safe space to meet and build friendships. The management has developed several guidelines and utilities to ensure the teens enjoy the free service safely. 

Depression/Anxiety chat room

Depression/Anxiety chat room is a free service that gives the general Australian public a platform to raise discussions on the community hurdle on depression or anxiety.

This chat room enables persons going through depression or have gone through depression in the past to meet online and share experiences and advice. 

Our free teen chat rooms provide boys and girls with a unique space to meet and hang out online. Our application is accessible 24/7 enabling teenagers all over Australia to meet and discuss trending topics along with other interesting teenage activities.

At chatrooms.org.au we provide all social media amenities ensuring the teens enjoy all services in our portal. 

No need to register

At chatrooms.org.au privacy is one of our policies. We have developed the no registration platform with a user experience priority. The lack of a registration process means that users don’t have to struggle with the mind-boggling exercise.

This further reduces the chances of users sharing personal information as well as receiving cluttering marketing emails. With guidelines advising users not to share personal information, all users are secure from imminent internet attacks such as phishing attacks. 

Photo sharing feature

The photo-sharing feature provides the teens with a non-reducible while it comes to social media. This capability coupled with a free secure chat room, chatrooms.org.au constitutes the best social media application.

Users are required to agree to clear and concise terms and conditions that ensure this feature is not misused. This ensures that the teens remain safe online with the best utilities in place to allow close friends only to share photos.

This feature is further protected by enabling the users to block any unwarranted communication from suspicious users. A user can as well report the case to the management ensuring their security remains intact. 

Teen mobile chat room

The free teen chat rooms are the most bubbling chat rooms with a large traffic of teens hanging out online. The platform is furnished with several utilities that enable the teens to enjoy privacy, anonymity, live chats, photo sharing capability, no registration, and many more.

These utilities have been carefully crafted to enable the users to enjoy the free service with peace of mind. Chatrooms.org.au is available 24/7 and accessible from any device. This enables users to easily access different resources without a lot of hustle. 

Chat randomly with other teenagers 

A random chat is as exciting as it sounds. Chatrooms.org.au has over some time experienced high traffic of new users. This means there is always a user waiting to connect life or via our private chat rooms. With all the social media amenities, our platform remains the best site for chatting and hang out online.

This is accessible without registration requirements hence with a saved chatrooms.org.au icon in your home screen you are one click away from your future partner or friend.   

Free teen chat rooms, the lesbian, gay depression/anxiety, and general chat rooms provide users with the best platforms to meet single men, women, boys, and girls from all over Australia. We have invest time, research, and experience in developing a world-renowned site.

With the best security in place, we ensure our users’ online safety is maintained while constantly improving and evolving as far as user experience is concerned. We remain committed to ensuring your online comfort is uninterrupted by being online 24/7 with a helpline active all through.