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Are you looking for new dating site options? You've landed at the right place to find men and women of all ages who are looking to connect live via online chat. Access is fast and instant, and if you like the idea of maintaining your privacy and remaining anonymous you're going to love using is an Australian online dating site with a twist! Specifically targeted for Australian singles, our free dating sites provide a live dating platform to chat online instantly and connect with other users in just seconds.

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  • This chat room and dating site are free, with no registration needed to get started.
  • Our service includes a variety of other chat categories for you to choose from.
  • Abuse and trolling other chatters are not an acceptable means of communicating.
  • Please remember to use the block feature if you are receiving unwanted messages.
  • Please do not attempt to post phone numbers, websites, or email addresses.
  • Our spam filter will usually catch and moderated any attempts to post advertisements.
  • If you receive any communication that you suspect is an attempt to cause harm please report it immediately.
  • Don't forget to visit our other dating site chat rooms :)

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Public chat room. Chat to local singles across every state and town. Mingle with people in your local area.

Dating chat room

The right place to find men and women of all ages who are looking to connect via online chat.

Lesbian chat room

100% Australian targeted lesbian audience to meet single women online.

Gay chat room

100% Australian owned free gay chat room service specifically designed for gay men.

Teen chat room

Australia's favourite place for teens to hangout online!

Depression/anxiety chat room

Connect live to other people also dealing with anxiety via private one to one chat lines

Our live free dating sites and free chat room platform is available across multiple categories such as heterosexual dating/chat, lesbian chat, gay chat, teen chat, friends social chat, and chat rooms for depression and anxiety.

No Registration Online Dating Site

Connect instantly with our live free dating sites Australian chat room without the hassle and time-consuming process of like-winded registrations. After you create your username, you simply need to save to your home screen so you can chat live and find local singles for dating instantly by tapping our installed icon on your home screen.

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Photo Sharing

Easily share and exchange your photo's in private with other chatters without the need to publicly show your face.

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Live, real-time online chat, and dating while you're on the go! Find singles nearby who are waiting in live private chat rooms. Any device.

Meet and Date Easily

Forget about sending chat requests that go unanswered. Our users are standing by 24/7 via our live, private, and free chat room platform. lets you connect with dating partners, single men and women, friends, and more. Chat seamlessly without the hassle of registering or email confirmations - We really are just a bit different to your usual free dating sites in Australia.

See how quick and simple our technology instantly connects you to live people across Australia! is an online chat website with free dating sites in Australia that offers a unique experience to all our users. Our online presence is one to be reckoned with through our easy to use website that offers the most intricate online chat room dating site platform.

The application has been developed with the general public in mind incorporating features that enable you to meet well-deserved chat mates as well as dates. This has been achieved by ensuring the dating site is friendly to all persons of different ages and sexual orientations.

The free dating site and chat room in Australia further incorporates default chat rooms that have been developed to guide the user to the perfect chat room. Finding the perfect partner or chatmate online has never been easier.

To fully integrate this unique design, provides the following default private dating site chat rooms; gay chat rooms, lesbian chat rooms, teen chat rooms as well as depression/anxiety chat room.  

The free dating site chat room has been developed to perfectly fit into the Australian social circles while incorporating important community guidelines. This provides online dating users with a unique platform where privacy, anonymity, and technical prowess has been leveraged to develop a world renewed chat room and free dating site.

This ensures that the users are comfortable in the different chat rooms and capable of contributing effectively to the online chat and dating world. With the ability to join multiple chat rooms, users have more than they can bargain for from the dating site. 

Considering the dating site chat room has been integrated to allow users from a different societal point of view, developers have put in place measures that regulate the content. This includes features that the different users can use to rational conversations online.

Besides this, all users are required to adhere to strict terms and condition that ensures all parties interest are addressed. This online dating site is accessible through different devices ensuring all users can leverage the free resources from different locations.

All this coupled with a unique connection method that allows users to connect instantly without a mind-boggling registration process ensures you have the ultimate user experience. 

Pointers/ Regulations

  • Instant chat room access for dating without a mind-boggling registration process. Lack of a registration process improves on anonymity and privacy in the online dating site.
  • Default chat rooms to guide users with different categories to choose from. This ensures that live and private functionality is fully leveraged.
  • The terms and conditions for using the dating site and chat room platform prohibit abuse and trolling other chatters. This ensures the site serves its primary purposes of creating a friendly online dating site.
  • Users are provided with a block function that enables them to instantly stop unwanted conversations. This enables you to have control over your conversations as well as a comfortable environment to meet more people.
  • The free dating site highly condemns posting of phone numbers, websites, or email addresses. This works against our privacy and anonymity function placing the user in an unrationed environment. We further advise that you utilize the different chat rooms for all your chat needs.
  • The online dating site is equipped with a spam filter to stop any attempts of advertising on the platform. This means that you will not have unnecessary pop-ups, redirection of the site, or cluttering emails.
  • enables you to report cases of suspicious communication that you believe could cause harm to the administrators for appropriate actions to be taken. In order for this to be effective, we advise our users to learn the above guidelines and follow them to the letter.

Choose your chat room introduction. 

General/Dating Chat Room

The General dating site chat room is our flagship project that incorporates all persons regardless of their age in Australia. This feature enables the users to chat online via our different chat rooms anonymously and in privacy. 

Gay chat room

This chat room has been developed and customized for the Australian gay community. The free chat rooms provide the best user experience for the gay community where different issues within their social circles are discussed.

Lesbian chat room

With the best security measures in place, the Lesbian dating site chat room has been developed to ensure that the Australian lesbian community can access the anonymous online dating site and meet single women. It further provides a platform do discuss issues on their social circles.

Teen chat room

The teen chat room is a unique space for Australian teenagers to meet online and chat. The site provides all online utilities suitable for the users of their age. This includes an integrated mobile chat site, photo sharing capability as well as an easy and random connection ability.

Besides this, the site does not require a registration process that attracts the majority of the teenagers. 

Depression/anxiety chat room is sensitive to societal challenges. The online dating site has therefore developed a platform for persons facing depression/anxiety challenges to share experiences. The chat rooms ensure the users enjoy privacy, anonymity as well as instant connection. is the ultimate dating site with free chat rooms. Built and developed with the Australian market in mind, the online dating site has implemented a holistic view of society. At we offer a platform for all members of society including gay, lesbians, teens, and the general public.

To further our course we provide persons facing depression and anxiety with a platform to share their experiences. All this is offered free with a state of art technological application. Our dating site has further been designed to ensure privacy and anonymity in all chat rooms

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No registration online dating site

The registration process has proved to be cumbersome for many users. With an important functionality of anonymity, an integrated registration process will only workout to be counterproductive.

The dating site chat room has therefore been developed to ensure users simply create a username and get instant access to the live chat platform. This enables you to easily access the free services and find chatters within your locality.  

Photo sharing 

Photo sharing is a must-have in the digital age. At we ensure that this utility is available to share memories and experiences.  Privacy and anonymity is one of our main characteristics and therefore the site provides you with a platform where your personal photos remain private between you and your fellow chatters.

The free dating site Australia enables users to share photos without showing your face thereby improving on anonymity and privacy. 

Live mobile dating site

This being one of the main characteristics of the free chat rooms and dating site, we have leveraged fast and reliable servers that enable users to go online with the least effort. The real-time function utilizes current technology, ensuring the service is available 24/7.

This functionality has been fully developed and therefore available on different devices. This ensures that new users are enrolled on a daily bases. Our unique algorithm places random users in predefined chat rooms where this unique service is offered. 

Meet and date easily offers both private and live conversation dating site platforms through chat rooms that are absolutely free. This proves that our dating site is the most utilitarian and practical.

Our online dating site with chat rooms has further worked around the cliché of registering, sending chat requests, and unwarranted adverts. We equip users to take charge of their private rooms by providing utilities to limit and rational their online conversations. 

All this functionality has been developed to ensure that all users across Australia find it easy to meet new friends, partners regardless of their sexual orientation. With 24/7 support from our team, ensures your online chat is perfectly catered for.

We continue to push the lengths of technology using different tools such as spam filters to ensure your privacy is free of unwarranted communication. We further support users who believe that their online presence is potentially harmful or showing suspicious communications within our free dating site.