How a random chat with a total stranger and a clever ice-breaker can have a winning outcome and help you clean-up in the singles game!

A successful and well received interaction with a stranger will almost always come down to how you break-the-ice. A great ice-breaker will create that all important memorable first impression. Whether the ice-breaker is online via a random chat room, or a face to face first time interaction, your first encounter with a new person can be a life-changing moment - but you only have a small window of opportunity - so don't blow it!

But, if your ice-breaker goes wrong, you've twice the work ahead of you to make it right so you need to think fast! Aside from the sheer embarrassment of an ice-breaker gone wrong, your ego will also take an inevitable hit. Let's explore some options so you don't suffer from ice-brekers gone wrong and awkward moments of silence.

Tips For Talking to a Random Stranger

The first thing you need to come to terms with is that, it's completely normal to feel anxious when you approach new people - especially if your intention is to hit on them. It's going to be a numbers game so be prepared to hit and miss. Here are 8 tips to get you in the game!

How's your day going so far?

There's actually no need to complicate or over-think chatting to random people. A genuine "hi" or "hey" followed by a sincere 2-3 second smile is a basic yet very effective ice-breaker. We often over-look this simple approach by assuming that we need to come up with some charming and smooth pick-up line. A genuine and short yet heartwarming "hello" can have a huge impact on someone's life.

Think for a moment how you would greet your neighbours? A sincere greeting "how's your day" usually leads to more conversation right?

Nice earrings!

Much like tip #1, this approach is tried and tested, yet a simple to employ technique that is an effective ice-braeker. Regardless of whom you are trying to chat to, mentioning something nice about how the person looks will almost always be received well.

Naturally, the person receiving the compliment will be grateful for the gesture. In doing so, you have just created a dialogue. Keep things moving along before the opportunity passes, "they look expensive where did you buy them?"

Are the queues in this shop always this long?

Even something so simple such as making a comment to someone about an unpleasant situation you're both being subjected to is another effective strategy for breaking the ice.

Melbourne really is the windy city this time of the year!

Go ahead, it may be a cleche, but talking about the weather actually works wonders in real life situations. People tend to chat about the weather all the time, it's something everyone has an opinion about so it's a no-brainer ice-breaker - online or offline.

Oh, did you hear about....?

Get the ball rolling with a conversation kick-starter about a funny or entertaining story or event. Launch right into the story with a subtle pause here and there allowing the other person to chime in and offer their own take or opinion of the story.

If your story is really interesting and your new friend is enthusiastic, there is no telling just how far you can stretch the conversation, the possibilities are endless!

Can I ask what that is you're drinking?

Drinking and eating is something anybody can relate to, right? If the person you'd like to chat with has a nice-looking drink, make a comment about whether it's their usual drink of choice. Ask them if they have ever tried a Bloody Mary or a Blow Pop Martini - offer to buy them one, and remember to show off your best smile!

Hi, do you work here?

If you're at a business conference or meeting and people are wearing name tags, ask him or her what position they hold in the company and who they work for, then introduce yourself. If you know someone who works at the same company, let them know who it is and kick off your ice-breaker that way.

Engage in follow up questions like "what challenges you the most in your job" "What's your favourite part of your job"?

Excuse me, I just thought I should come over and talk to you.

An honest approach can work wonders. Without too much thought, simply stroll over and ask her if you can talk to her. Naturally she'll probably say "what about"? giving you the golden opportunity to say something complementary, and now that you are armed with our expert tips, the rest is over to you.