10 Ways You Can EASILY Chat up a Girl

10 Ways You Can EASILY Chat up a Girl

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10 Tips to Chat to a Girl in Social Gatherings 

Pretty much any time you go out to a social gathering there will be attractive girls out and about. Just how often have you wondered what it would be like to chat to some of these girls? Plenty of times, yes? 

By learning some of the most basic strategies to catch her attention is a huge step in the right direction to assist you in chatting with attractive girls every time you head out to a social gathering. Today you’re going to learn some of the tried and test conversation starters so you can bring your A-game to the next party you attend.  

Check out the following 10 tips!   

A simple Hi 

Breaking the ice with a simple ”Hi” is very much underestimated. It sounds too boring or common right? Wrong! Taking a simple approach is just fine and can also be more effective than over-thinking ways to introduce yourself to a girl. 

By walking over to a girl and simply saying Hi, followed by a nice and sincere smile, odds are she is going to respond in turn with the same courteous gesture. It’s just a simple exchange of being polite to one another, you don’t need to over-complicate things. Human beings generally respond in a positive manner when someone is polite to them.  

No matter which social setting or scenario you’re in, particularly if there’s not much happening around you – you could be at a café, a party or waiting to catch the bus, head on over in a casual manner and say Hi and introduce yourself.  

Ask her for directions, is the coffee any good here, what are some of the local attractions etc. It doesn’t need to be a witty pick-up line so long as you come across friendly and sincere.  

Things in common 

Another easy to do strategy and effective way to initiate a conversation with a girl is to chat to her about topics you have in common. In terms of a social context as an example, you may be attending a get together at one of your Neighbours houses where you come across an attractive girl. 

Again, keep it simple, ask her how she knows the hosts, tell her you live nearby too. This strategy helps you in turn to tell her about yourself allowing you to establish some of your own credentials but without making the initial conversation overly personal.  

Getting a feel for the surroundings 

As you approach a girl to engage in a conversation, take note of the surroundings and make a few comments and share some of your observations with her. Let’s say you’re at a friend's birthday party for instance, talk about the music that’s playing and chat to her about various types of music, ask her what music she’s into? 

Common topics of conversation, such as music, allows for neutral and easy dialogue to take place in a non-intimidating manner to help instigate and build on further conversations when chatting to a girl for the first time. This approach lends itself to many other various scenarios such as at a bookstore, the gym or a bar.  

With that said, you need to be very mindful to be thinking quick on your feet so think fast so you can seize the moment by making interesting comments before the girl changes the situation and gives you the cold shoulder.      


Complementing a girl who you’ve just met may seem like a bit of a bold move initially, however, if executed with wit and charm, any girl will except a nice compliment with open arms and will be impressed with this approach.  

A sensible approach to complimenting a girl you’re chatting to is to make an effort in noticing something that is unique to her, rather than using a cheesy or standard compliment. You can make genuine complements with things like her jewelry, her outfit, her smile, her eyes.  

Such complements will go a long way, she will appreciate how you’ve noticed these things which go a long way in establishing a good first-off impression. Meaningful complements will boast her-confidence which will hopefully lower her barriers and the conversation tends to flow seamlessly from this point.  

Girls tend to put quite a lot of effort into making themselves attractive, and if you notice these efforts with complementary gestures, she’s more likely to be drawn to you.  

Ask her about her 

Asking a girl questions about herself is another tried and tested strategy that rarely fails. It’s not all that uncommon for both girls and guys to talk about themselves. However, when the conversation becomes all about ‘you’ it’s rather unattractive.  

Don’t fall into this trap, instead, make every effort to chat about topics that go over and beyond the usual boring and uninspiring small talk. Again, don’t over think this, keep it simple but interesting enough to instigate some specific back-and-forth banter. 

“What countries have you visited” or “How do you like to spend your down-time when you’re not busy”. Leading in with questions like these helps to stimulate some reciprocal conversations so you can both chat about hers and your own experiences.  

Identify conversation starters 

If you’re not sure or you feel uncomfortable about asking a girl direct questions about herself right away, there’s other strategies you can look at to break the ice. 

Look around you, are there any objects or items close by that can be used as a conversation starter? Simple things like artwork, the menu, the décor, the music and so on. Leading in with a non-confronting manner such as these examples is the perfect way to remove those small initial barriers. 

Chat to any girl in any scenario by simply pointing out and admiring the common objects that are in the surroundings so you can build on your conversation in a neutral and safe way.    

Asking questions that are open-ended 

Chatting to a girl with the intention of creating seamless back and forth conversations requires a certain amount of planning. It’s quite typical for people to make the mistake of asking direct questions which can easily be responded to with a simple yes or no. 

Don’t do this - “Do you like the beach” or “Have you ever visited New York?”. 

Instead, direct your questions in a manner which encourages the girl you’re chatting with to elaborate on your questions.          

For example, “What’s your view on the way the novels by Stephanie Meyers have adapted for the latest Twilight film series?”. By asking open-ended questions, this will develop the conversation through sharing both opinions so you can avoid the conversation going flat so awkward silences are minimized.    

Don't get personal 

Always steer clear of becoming overly personal too soon when you chat with a girl for the first time. There’s no harm in paying a girl a nice and sincere compliment by all means but do so in a classy and non-intimidating way.  

Being complimentary with a girl for the first time can be a bit of a balancing act, and if you’re commenting in an inappropriate manner too soon, such as making sexually suggestive remarks about her figure or body parts, you’ll just sound like a jerk. Make sure your compliments are in the right context, so you don’t blow that all important first impression.  

Avoid topics that are controversial 

One of the golden rules of meeting someone for the first time is to stay away from controversial topics! This advice should not be underestimated! 

Entering into controversial conversations such as politics and religion are simply a huge no-no when chatting to a girl for the first time. It’s hardly an appropriate strategy to move a new conversation into a social context.  

Lastly and most importantly, have fun! 

Always remember that the girl you are hoping to chat to and get to know, particularly in a social setting, is there to have fun and enjoy herself. By taking small steps to show her your charm, wit and humor, you’re all but guaranteed to get the conversation flowing.

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