Dating and Chat Text Messaging Tips for Guys

Dating and Chat Text Messaging Tips for Guys

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12 Text Message Tips to Get More Dates 

Hey guys, what's up! Well, today we're going to go over 12 texting rules that every man should know.

That's right, you heard me correct, that's 12 texting rules so you can master the art of texting and meeting single girls. I see so many guys stuff this up, so today 
I'm going to help you out so you don't look like a fool and don't embarrass yourself.

So, let's hop right in shall we.

1. Don't send mass texts

Sending loads of generic texts to every girl on your phone might sound like a great idea because it may seem efficient, but trust me, women have a sick sense when it comes to this stuff, and sending generic text messages will rarely get any responses. So, if there's someone you really like, you're going to need to put in a little effort here.

2. Using childish abbreviations

It's 2021 guys, and using childish abbreviations is only going to make you look childish and stupid. Use proper grammar because if you're trying to impress a girl who is both smart and not just good looks, make sure you have your basics covered with intelligent grammar, like their or their or where and wear. 
3. Asking a girl out through text

This is actually one of the best and easiest ways to ask a girl out. But you want to make sure that at the high point of your conversation you say the right words. 
If you haven't spoken to her in weeks, don't just come straight out of the blocks and say "hey you wanna hang out" She’ll see this as ill-timed and misplaced, it'll
come across as awkward and she'll most likely respond with "sorry I'm busy"

What you want to do is work towards starting up a conversation with this girl. Once the conversation starts to flow, hit her with the invite at the high point. This is
going to increase your chances of her saying yes because she's in a good mood and she's talking to you. Genius right!

4. Never text your feelings

Guys, never text your feelings. Keep emotions out of it. Texting is one of the most informal ways of communication. And no one, especially a girl, wants to deal with a six-page essay about why your life sucks.

5. It's about not being dry

There's no excuse for being a dry texter. If you don't want to text someone that's fine. Just don't text them back with a bland message like ha ha or cool. It'll send
her one of two messages, you're either a boring guy with zero charisma or B you're just too lazy to talk to her but you're leading her on. You might as well just send emojis for Goodness sake!     

6. Being desperate

Especially when texting girls you do not want to stack them with loads of text messages. You're going to look desperate and come across as pathetic. A good rule of thumb when texting girls is that you're going to want to hit the same pace as her, respond one text at a time so you don't seem too anxious.

7. Never force anyone to respond

If she doesn't respond well that's the tone she's set but this could mean many things. Maybe she's tired or busy or just doesn't want to talk to you right now. Just ignore it and move on. Trust me, bombarding her with text messages isn't going to get her to respond and it's going to make you look bad. 

8. Texting is not dating

If all you've done is exchanged a couple of text messages, then you need to understand - you're not dating! This means she owes you nothing, but this is the mindset you want, so if she doesn't answer you won't get upset. So, don't put your expectations so high on her, that's just doomed to fail.

Man texting

9. Remember texting isn't perfect

You're going to hear a bunch of dating gurus tell you stuff like, hey, if you sent her the last message and she didn't respond then it's time to look elsewhere, well,
that's rubbish! Being a little persistent, if done correctly, can be an excellent strategy.

It's okay to start a new conversation even if you were the last one to send a message. But if your last ten messages have gone unresponded, then you could come across as borderline psycho.

10. Use a gif or images

Especially if it relates to the conversation or to the girl you're talking to. Again, try to avoid being too dry. If you want to add a bit of humour and fun to your
message exchanges and come across as entertaining, gifs and memes are a great way to do that.

11. Keep her schedule in mind 

For example, I love to wake up at 6 am every day. That doesn't mean she does too. So, sending a message that early in the day could make you look rude.

12. Avoid sarcasm

Now I know this might be hard for you especially if you're extra charismatic, but if you just met someone who doesn't know you that well or doesn't understand your tone, they'll think it's plain rude and you'll probably hurt their feelings.

I hope you loved our article about 12 texting rules that every guy should know!

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