Succeeding in the Online Dating Game

Succeeding in the Online Dating Game

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With millions of singles world-wide turning to the internet to find love, your chances of finding love are now higher than ever. 

To take advantage of finding someone who is right for you, you need to know how to best play this game. Our following online dating tips will make sure you start off on the right track so you're ahead of the game from the start! In order to help you out here, we have put together the ultimate dating guide to online dating, which will help you to navigate the various stages when it comes to looking for love in this fast-paced digital world. 

Read on! 

Are you ready to start dating? 

If you're reading this article and are looking for genuine dating tips, then the chances are that you're ready to turn your curiosity into success! Whether you're here looking for the love of your life or have just entered the singles scene from a past relationship break-up, it's important that you are ready within yourself to meet someone new. 

Online dating is much like meeting someone offline in many ways. If you're just not ready to start dating new people, then hold off until the right time. Readiness and confidence are crucial elements in your quest to meet new romantic prospects. 

If you enter into the dating world and are open and committed to finding someone long-term to be with, your chances of achieving this goal are dramatically improved when you are the best version of yourself.         

Finding the best dating site just for you 

It takes time, patience and research to find the most appropriate dating site for you. You'll need to factor in which dating site caters best to your desires and goals. Free dating sites are an appealing option, but not always the best choice, particularly for seniors. Scammers tend to target senior singles who are not as internet savvy as younger more regular internet users.   

Do your ground work on the website you decide on. Take some time to examine the privacy terms and that your email address, photos and messages will not be shared with any other parties. By choosing a professional and ethical dating site to find your new partner you'll have some peace of mind that people you meet here will be just as serious as you are about finding legitimate matches.      

When the time comes that you've located the appropriate dating site that suits your needs, you're all set to start this exciting journey! As an example, you'll have peace of mind that every profile you read has been verified by the site administrators which will go a long way in finding the love of your life.   

Look for dating sites that use intelligent matchmaking tests 

In order for you to get to know someone and to find the right match for you, the dating site you end up using should also get to know a bit about you so it can find compatible matches within the vast pool of singles. Some dating websites offer advanced functionalities with long-term compatibility in mind. These systems will help you to save loads of time so you don't need to spend hours or days chatting to and messaging the wrong people. 

Online dating has a bad reputation for many singles these days, with many complaints relating to not being able to find the right person hence many people give up through frustration and experience bad date after bad date. Save yourself time and anxiety and make sure that the dating site of choice allows you and other members to be auto matched based on similar traits, giving you the best chance to form a long-term connection.       

Put in the effort when creating your dating profile  

Creating an appealing online dating profile is crucial if you're going to get ahead of the game. This is your golden opportunity to demonstrate your positive qualities but it's important to do so in a way that doesn't come across like you're showing off.  

Common online dating registration processes require members to add information such as describing yourself, followed by what details a potential partner should also know about you. How you go about adding this information, and making sure you don't make avoidable mistakes will go a long way in attracting suitable matches so get it right the first time!     

Consider exactly why you decided to join a dating site, as well as the type of person you're hoping to meet. What are your values? Don't give away too much information too quickly, let there be a bit of mystery to start with. Leave people with the urge to get to know and discover more about you.  

Add a perfect profile picture 

According to multiple online dating surveys, the majority of respondents will not even open a dating profile if there's no photo. The most important dating tip to take away from this article is to ensure you include several appealing photos. 

While it might be tempting to post an older photo of yourself when you were younger, this strategy may lead to more interest from other members initially, but in the long run you're setting yourself up to be rejected if you meet people offline given that you're not presenting the real you in the first instance. 

It's important to post photos that include your full head and shoulders and in natural light to add a more flattering look. Also take into account the setting for the photo, somewhere that you'll feel at ease, relaxed and comfortable to show off a more attractive side of you. 

These simple strategies will show potential partners what you're really like in the real world allowing for a more honest and genuine relationship to unfold.       

Success with online dating

Make a great impression with your very first message 

The way in which you initiate contact with your very first message can either make or break any potential relationship.  

There's definitely an advantage and a fine line between creating a tasteful flirty message that's appropriate which can leave a great first impression. Steer clear of copying and pasting messages you've sent to other people. This can be an instant deal breaker! 

Before you go ahead and press the send message button, make sure you use correct grammar and spelling, otherwise you'll just come across as yet another disappointment to the recipient. Before you send, double check just how appealing and appropriate the message will come across to the other person. 

For starters, find part of their profile that you consider could be a good talking point or conversation starter. Establishing common interests is where you need to be and it demonstrates that you've actually taken time to read through his or her profile.  

Don't rush, be patient! 

Don't be in too much of a hurry to meet someone instantly. Rushing in will only cause you to make mistakes and you'll miss opportunities to present yourself in the best possible way. 

Building trust and a rapport with potential dates takes time and effort! Like anything in life, results take time and patience. By exchanging a decent amount of messages, this will allow you both to get to know each other somewhat before meeting offline. 

Try not to be disheartened if things don't work out with the first few dates. It's quite rare to meet someone with whom your share chemistry straight way. It could take weeks, months or even longer! Improve your seduction skills by getting to know potential dates with the messaging and chat tools within the dating site you're using. By trying to force something that isn't there in the first place isn't going to do yourself any favours.    

Get ready for the first date! 

When the exciting time comes for that all important first date, try not to over complicate the event by keeping things simple.  

A walk in the park, a coffee date is all that you need to do. Simple first date ideas like this gives you the easiest and best chance of getting to know each other without any pressure. With a simple date idea, you'll soon see whether there's any chemistry between you both and you can establish if the online chemistry translates to meeting face to face.  

First date conversations should focus on the future and not the past. Talking about your ex partner etc isn't something most people will enjoy discussing on a first date. Keep it upbeat and simple. One of the #1 online dating rules you should keep in mind is to avoid discussing the past until you get to know them on a deeper level. Keep the past in the past.      

Lastly. Stay motivated! 

Unless you're one of the very lucky few, finding love at first sight is extremely rare. Prepare yourself for a number of bad first dates before you strike gold. 

One of the most important takeaways from this article is that you can't become disheartened by meeting the wrong type of people you go on dates with. When it comes to bad first dates, learn from these experiences, it will help you better prepare yourself when you're messaging and chatting to people online and vetting potential dates.  

Like anything in life, patience and preparation are the keys in meeting the right people online and finally finding the one who ticks all the boxes.   
You just never know what's around the corner!

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