Chat Rooms
for Adults
in the Dark

Are chat rooms for adults still a popular way to meet people online?
Wrong or right, both married and single men and women still frequent chat rooms.
So the good news is, your Internet search has landed you at indeed, a free chat room for adults. In this article we'll explore the good and the bad of how chat rooms can either help you or can get you into a bit of hot water - depending on your objectives. A recent Florida University study has revealed a trend which is on the rise, a trend which reveals men and women secretly visiting chat rooms for fantasies and sexual thrills and adventures.
Samantha, who undertook her research for her education studies at University of Florida explains "When it comes to cybersex, for many people, this is a more convenient and discreet option rather than secret visits to motels. An online affair can even take place undetected in the same house or room as their spouse."
A 40-year-old man in the study told Samantha, "It's really a simple matter of switching on my device or computer, and there are dozens even hundreds of women out there to choose from. It's really that simple." Counselors we contacted told us how chat rooms are fast becoming one of the major causes of breakdowns in modern relationships. This issue stands to increase with higher Internet usage," Samantha tells us.
During her research phase, Samantha conducted interviews with more than 70 men and 25 women, aged between 24 and 65, who used chat rooms for adults specifically targeting married people. Participants came from a variety of backgrounds and included stay at home mums, labourers, tradesmen, nurses and CEO's.
While some used paid or free chat rooms for a quick "sex fix," others used these services in the hope of establishing more deeper connections so they could find people to chat with about their own personal and marital problems. While others expressed a desire to find real-life affairs, some did it for nothing more than to hunt for opportunities to engage in cybersex and live out sexual fantasies, she said.
When asked, the overwhelming majority told Samantha they loved their spouses and turning to the Internet and chat rooms for sexual or even mental gratification usually came down to boredom often due to the lack of interest or complacency in their relationship shown by their partner.
"The main complaint from men (no surprises here) was the lack of intimacy and sex in their relationships," Samantha said. "Raising children often got in the way of romance and sex, with women's focus and time turning to their children. Nearly 80% of study participants did not regard cybexsex or pure online connections as cheating due to there being no physical contact."
Further studies have shown that, the majority of spouses feel cheated, betrayed and hurt when their partner becomes involved in online infedelity - in much the same way as if the affair was taken offline. The University of Florida study reported how most online connections start out innocent, with friendly exchanges, but often progressed into mutual desires for sexual relationships. Thirty-two of the study participants had taken their online affairs into the real world, all but 4 ended up having an affair.
Other research shows us that chat rooms for adults are typically dominated by men. Females more often than not, are showered with multiple messages and chat requests and therefore have a wider choice of messages to respond to.
"Leading therapists are voicing concerns about the alarming rate to which online sexual activities are causing marriage breakdowns," Samantha said. The concensus from these experts is that there needs to be better understanding as to what the contributing factors are that is leading to online flirting and the often inevitable affairs that follow - followed by divorce.
One of the men Samantha interviewed said, "When I'm online my wife assumes I'm just working." She also found that, the appealing aspect of the internet for married people is the anonymity it offers, and because there is no physical touching, this is seen as a license to cheat guilt-free. A person has the ability to express their sexual desires to a complete stranger day or night, says Samantha.
Samantha believes that, "The internet needs to become a point of discussion for people looking to marry. Boundaries and expectations need to be thoroughly established in the beginning to prevent problems creeping into long-term relationships."
Chat rooms for adults are a simple, time-efficient means to meeting people - depending on your own set of circumstances. Our advice though, if you're in a relationship and you care about and respect your spouse do not be tempted into this world - you're opening a pandora's box of a potentially catastropic outcome.