Interesting Ways to Start an Online Conversation

Interesting Ways to Start an Online Conversation

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Online conversations are a balance of your words and reciprocal dialogue which is based on ideas and thoughts. A successful conversation is an artform which has the potential to start a new relationship in various directions.
This social interaction will play a significant role in the initial role of nurturing and maintaining a new bond or relationship. Additionally, new online conversations will allow you to navigate and explore your feelings with new and existing friends with whom you chat to online.        

One of the most intriguing questions most guys will want to know is, what’s the best way to start an online conversation with a girl? 
Within this article, we’ll go deep into various strategies and conversation starter ideas, to help you to start kicking goal after goal during your online dating rollercoaster! 

The groundwork

The initial conversation is generally the hardest step with this entire process. The good news is that, you can stand out very easily among the sea of men (or women) who have no clue on how to treat a lady. (or a man) 
Women are just as frustrated with the online dating process as the men. Guys, lay off the sexual innuendo and talk to her like a human being. By investing a little time and effort in the way you communicate with a woman, will pay off. Avoid sexually suggestive remarks and use a little charm, it actually works!      

Compliments are fantastic conversation starters

Women love flirtatious behaviour, providing it’s sweet and charming. Light-hearted flirting online should contain a strong element of complimentary gestures. Any woman loves to be made to feel special
If you’re looking to really hit the spot with women online, make sure you give her plenty of complements and praise. Aside from this though, offering a complement is a fantastic way in which to start a conversation or to create that all important ice breaker. 

When you approach a woman for the first time online, creating a solid rapport is very important if you are both wanting to pursue any meaningful conversations. 

Ask about her career

Today, many women are very career oriented, and becoming an independent woman who has control of her life and future is where many women’s long-term focus lies. And a gentleman who is accepting and on-board with this vision may be viewed as an attractive option for some single and successful woman.

So, if you’re looking for a sincere and thoughtful way to get the conversation rolling, showing an interest in her career is a great strategy. It shows you are interested in her personal life and not just yours.   

Jokingly make fun of something on his profile

Fun, teasing interactions set the scene for a great first connection. ”Is that a fancy dress party you were at in your profile pic, do you always dress that way?” 😊 Lol.  
Making fun of someone in a mild-hearted way will create that initial and sometimes instant intimacy. And the way in which he responds will immediately tell you a lot about whether he has a sense of humour or not – which is a male trait most women cannot resist.   

Ask him something personal

Let’s face it, everyone loves talking about themselves, and swapping a few personal details and experiences is a terrific way to get the conversation off to a fun start. This strategy also builds a small foundation for that all important first date, and you’ll already have something to talk about when you first meet. Keep things light “What’s the most embarrassing thing you did at high school?” Something fun but not over the top.  

“Hey, where should we meet up for a drink” 

Given that this person has already swiped right on you, you know they already find you attractive, right? Singles using dating apps like Tinder are already expecting racy conversations, so sometimes skipping the small talk will work in your favour. After all, you’re here to meet new and interesting people, you’re not looking for a pen pal!      

Initiate an invite coded with emojis: use the finger pointing + martini glass + ?

Online dating can be pretty intimidating, especially if it’s your first time in the scene. By using miniature pictures instead of words is a non-intimidating strategy and shows you have a good sense of humour.
You’re also showcasing your prowess using an iPhone and at the same time testing your new friend’s ability to translate his pictures into words. A fun way to see if there’s a connection!     

Try something cute like, Tash! Where have you been?!

I’m not too sure why, but the ladies seem to really respond well to this ice breaker. Perhaps it’s because you’re showing that you’re not taking the whole online dating thing overly-serious and that you’re just having a bit of fun banter – you’re kind of acknowledging the silliness of internet dating and that you’re not the type to take yourself too serious .

When it comes to being successful with online dating, the faster you can break the ice the better. It doesn’t have to be some kind of witty and super charming pickup line, but just enough so she’s inclined to let her guard down.    

Cheesy pickup lines can actually work!

Particularly if you’re female! If you’re a girl, don’t be scared to use a tried and tested cheesy pickup line. Women get them all the time, but guys, well, not so often. Something that would make your eyes roll, will probably have him messaging you back in light speed time!  

“Why is someone as hot as you looking for a date?” – Try it next time, it’s 99% fool-proof!

Send them a confusing message

That’s right! Shoot them a message that leaves them thinking WTF? Maybe some random emoji that doesn’t even make any sense to you! Wait patiently for them to take the bait, if there’s no response send another message “No?”
Trust me, by this stage, they are hooked! No one can withstand or resist a mystery. Once he or she responds with “What?” let them know that they failed the test, but they can still make up for it by meeting up for a drink or 2!

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