Is it a Bad Idea to be Dating the Life of the Party?

Is it a Bad Idea to be Dating the Life of the Party?

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Dating the Life of the Party. Would you?

After you read the headline of this article, you know the type of person that I’m talking about. In every town or city across the planet, there’s someone who can lay claim to being the life of the party. There are several characteristics that easily defines this type of person.

The life of the party always seems extroverted, confident, fun and always possesses great social skills that helps them in many of their life experiences and challenges.

The life of the part essentially craves the attention and interactions within social or work environments and is typically emotionally and physically appealing on the surface. Keeping this in mind, what would it be like dating someone like this?

Further, is this an appealing option for you when considering entering into a long-term and monogamous relationship with such a person? There are indeed benefits and disadvantages of dating someone like this. Keep reading to find out the ups and downs of dating the life of the party!     

Some advantages of dating the life of the party

Someone who is the life of the party has outstanding social skills. Hypothetically, if there was a degree in social skills, these people didn’t just pass the course, they passed with honours and distinctions and were probably the class president. 

These individuals can succeed and flourish in any social setting. They have a God given knack in being able to talk to anyone and can make the most anxious people feel at ease. They are highly aware of their confident personalities and thrive in taking control of large groups and interactions.

They don’t sweat the small stuff and can turn anything negative into a positive. The life of the party is able to instil optimism and hope into people’s lives by channelling positive energy into those they come into contact with. 
This kind of personality is a tremendous life asset that will see these people over-achieve in many of life’s challenges.

When you date someone who possesses such an aura, everyday you spend with them will make you feel like a better person in many ways.       

Some disadvantages of dating the life of the party 

Dating the life of the party can at times, be quite exhausting. Even though dating someone like this can be exciting and fun, particularly when they are so socially gifted. At times though, you’ll wish it was just the two of you. You’ll want them all to yourself, which is understandable.

Typically, the life of the party is usually looking to have fun and to party. Even though gatherings and social events are fantastic, most men and women also need a decent amount of downtime to chill and relax. And if you’re new partner is a social butterfly, he or she will usually have offers or opportunities to get out and about in social environments – they are usually quite popular among friends etc.  

Even the life of the party can’t keep up such a hectic social calendar all the time. With the amount of energy they possess within the social scene, even they can’t keep this up all the time. Which can often mean that other people get to experience their fun and social side more than you do.

This lifestyle will often mean that you, their partner, will more than likely see a more withdrawn and quieter side of this person behind closed doors. The life of the party can typically have two distinct personalities. With that said, it takes a certain type of individual to be able to ride the highs and lows when it comes to dating the life of the party. 

Just to be clear here: It’s fair to say that dating the life of the party may not be up everyone’s alley. On the flip side though, there are scores of people who could be perfectly fine managing this kind of relationship or personality. 

Although if you’re the kind of person who needs to be the centre of attention all the time, you may need to reconsider whether dating the life of the party is a good fit for your needs. Further, you’ll need to get used to people, within a group environment, channelling their attention more towards your partner than to you.

If you’re the type of person who easily gets jealous or you have a controlling nature, these insecurities will start to take a huge toll on the viability of the relationship. However, if you’re the type of person who is patient, independent and laid back, chances are you could be a great fit for dating a social butterfly.      

It's important to set a few simple rules and boundaries if you’re dating someone with this kind our social output. It really is so important if you’re both going to make this work so your relationship can flourish and be prosperous.

Drawing a few boundaries here and there is an important step for you both. Don’t be afraid to sometimes ask your partner, for example, that one day each week, you’d like to have dinner together, just the two of you.
Another example could be for instance, if you’re planning a holiday with friends or with other people, that you dedicate some one on one time together during your holiday schedule. “just you and me.” 

By taking these steps to make sure you are both spending an element of quality time together, you’ll go a long way to ensure your relationship can withstand the test of time while still allowing you both to maintain your own identities.   

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