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Talking to Girls Online

Things to talk about with girls 

One of the most tried and true questions to ask a girl is to first of all see where she comes from, what town or city is she from? Or “are you from around here?”

She may simply answer with a simple yes or no but regardless of her response make sure you have a few follow-up questions ready to go so you can keep the conversation flowing.

If the girl you are chatting to replies to you that she is indeed from around here, a great come backline is to then ask her if she has any good advice on whether there are any good places to visit in the local area.

Some experts believe that when we are asked for advice it makes us humans feel intelligent and needed and so will often provoke a positive response with the potential to help us make new friends and meet more people. 

So, when it comes to talking to girls, a good strategy is to make her feel important so she feels good about herself. In doing so, you greatly increase your chances of a positive outcome in gaining her affection and interest in you.

When she offers her advice be sure you listen carefully and take note of what excites and interests her. As an example, if she singles out a particular restaurant, make sure you build on the conversation and find out more about why she likes this particular restaurant. 

After the conversation starts flowing and you are freely and openly chatting to this girl, you can jokingly ask her if she can take you there someday. You may now find yourself at the pivotal moment of your conversation with this girl.

By simply showing interest in talking to girls, and what excites them, you have an excellent chance of going on more dates. Practicing chatting and talking to girls as much as possible and watch your strike rate improve!     

Talking to girls   

How to find girls

In order to locate girls and get to know them, it’s crucial that you start hanging out in places where girls like to visit. One example is the old-style local book shop. Also, consider there are many options to talk to girls online and which also helps you to get the courage to talk to strangers as well. 

If you still prefer the traditional approach chatting to girls in an offline scenario, such as the local book shop as previously mentioned, try asking her for advice on what books she has read recently. You can then gauge her attentiveness by her response.

Are her responses warm or cold? Depending on your instincts, trust your gut feeling and make a quick decision to either escalate the conversation or to back off and leave her be.

As another example, and with a similar approach to talking to girls, girls visit the supermarket often so you are guaranteed to come across a wide variety of girls in this environment.

Once you subtly locate an attractive girl make sure you don’t approach her when there’s a large group of people around as she may feel embarrassed and less inclined to engage with you. 

One simple yet effective tactic in breaking the ice when talking to girls is to ask for advice on certain products. “Sorry to bother you, but can you share any advice on choosing a good watermelon?”

If the girl you are approaching responds in a positive manner simply thank her and continue on to introduce yourself and if the vibe is positive make your move and see if she has time for a quick coffee?

What to talk about with a girl

Most men find it difficult talking to girls so it’s wise to start preparing for different topics initially rather than being unprepared. If you’re lucky enough to talk to a girl with whom you share mutual chemistry, you’ll find that the conversation will flow effortlessly. Nevertheless, preparing some conversation starters is a good move. 

Girls love gossip and entertainment magazines so brush up on the latest celebrity gossip. In order to talk to girls make sure you’re up to date with upcoming events, community events, and festivals in the local area. Finding some local social events is an excellent way to find things to do in common.

If your conversation starts off on the right note, having the mentioned information will give you an excellent source of information for progressing things in a positive way with your new friend.     

If you are lucky enough to have landed a 2nd or 3rd date when meeting and talking to a girl make sure you do your homework in finding out her interests so you can make each new date interesting and exciting.

Some examples of what you should be discussing in order to drill deeper into her world are her favourite sports, movies, celebrities, and hobbies – this way, you’ll be more attractive to her knowing you are making such a big effort to get to know what makes her tick.    

General tips on how to talk to girls

Once you start talking to a girl make sure you mention things about yourself so you can make yourself as appealing as possible. Talk about things that relate to your family such as your brothers or sisters, your ambitions school, or your career, etc.

When you talk to girls try to always in a way that showcases your best attributes and always act in a polite and positive manner.

For example, if you’re out on a date at a café or restaurant with a girl you’ve recently met try and be polite and courteous towards the waiters and waitresses. Girls will see this as a reflection on how well you’ll treat them and people in their lives.      

No one likes being alone, girls love attention and love lots of stimulating male company. Ever notice how many beautiful looking women sit at cafes and bars alone? It’s quite often because men feel too intimidated to approach them and make the first move.

The better looking a girl is the more pressure men feel in approaching them for a chat. Beautiful women are just as needy in terms of wanting compatible company to talk to, so don’t let their beauty intimidate you and start brushing up on some great conversation starters.   

Talking to girls whether online or offline isn’t a one size fits all exact science. The female species is an ever-changing language that requires individual attention depending on the type of girl you are getting to know. There are endless personalities and situations you’ll need to handle.

And always remember, when it comes to how to talk to girls successfully, you’ll need to accept there will be many failed attempts along the way and that rejection is part and parcel of how to talk to girls. Keep trying, never give up!

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