Is it Possible to Find Love Online in Chat Rooms?

Is it Possible to Find Love Online in Chat Rooms?

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Is it Possible to Find Love Online in Chat Rooms?

Finding love online comes down to which dating site or chat room suits your particular needs. Yes, it's possible to find love online and the following article will guide you through the steps to help you succeed. 

If you’re looking for love, chances are you may be thinking about looking online. With so many chat rooms and dating sites out there, the choices can be overwhelming.

So, how do you navigate this technology? Catalina Toma is an associate professor in communication arts at UW Maddison and has been researching online dating and discusses the role of technology and finding your soul mate.

“I study health focus technology with a focus on close personal relationships whether it be friends, family members, or with potential romantic relationships.

My studies and research look at whether these technologies are boosting relationships satisfaction or not and how it affects people’s emotional well-being.”

What is Catalina's finding?

“I find that it’s very complicated and it’s difficult to summarise really easily because technology has proliferated so much and just saying a word or words doesn’t really mean anything given there are so many technologies in the world that people use in everyday life.

Texting in particular, phones and different applications, instant messenger, emails, online dating, social networking sites, chat rooms.

It’s a really rich landscape of technologies here that everyday people are using on a daily basis with important consequences.”

Finding love online

All of these sites are not equal, right?

“When we’re talking about online dating in particular, no there’s a big proliferation of dating sites and chat rooms. We have big online dating giants like eHarmony, with millions and millions of users.

Then we have the niche dating sites and apps which are geared towards specific populations with very interesting features, for instance, the apps which give women control over initiating contact.

Then we have dating apps that control the timeline in which users have a limited time to respond, there’s a lot of variety.”

Can technology replace the interaction between 2 people?

“I don’t think it’s meant to replace it, because it doesn’t, it’s very much a supplement to face to face communication. In the case where we call geographically enclosed relationships, so if you’re in a situation where you can see your partner regularly or on a routine basis, then technology is very much used as a supplement.

In the context of long-distance relationships, it’s the main avenue for maintaining that contact, and I would argue that long-distance relationships have become so prevalent these days partly because we have access to technologies that allow us to keep these relationships alive.”

Does your research show that these dating sites actually work or are they more for just hookups?

"Hookups are fine for whoever wants to pursue them, but we have to keep in mind the various goals that users are bringing to the table.

Some users are looking for soul mates or long-distance relationships, and others are looking for more casual or no strings attached relationships and hookups.”

But who do you know who you’re really dealing with in this era?

“Well, it’s really hard to tell. I would also argue that how do you know who you’re dealing with in meeting someone face to face at a bar, deception has always been an issue in the concept of relationships.

But yes, it is easier online to act and behave in a deceptive manner in some respects because you don’t have that face to face imbodied presence, you can easily lie about your physical appearance much easier than you can face to face.

But keep in mind that you can only maintain any deception on a physical level for so long with online dating or chat rooms, so it’s not a great strategy lying about your appearance on the internet if you’re wanting to develop your relationship and move to that space where lies can be detected.

Also, the internet provides many avenues for checking if someone is lying and seeing if someone isn’t who they claim to be. Lots of experienced online daters will use Google and other technologies to verify people’s identities.

Research shows that more and more people are checking if their dates stack up before taking things offline – especially savvy younger adults.”

Today we have an oversupply in technology that is geared towards forming new relationships. Our advice is to always do your research into the dating site or dating app you are thinking of using and beware of the many fringe operators who over-promise and under deliver.

Other technologies you can embrace to find love online is to look at the various new technologies available to you, some of which include video chat rooms and Facebook verification features.

If you’ve been unlucky with finding a connection through online avenues, there are further studies which show that two-thirds of adults believe we can find love online.

With new matchmaking algorithm technologies helping us to drill down to find ideal potential partners now commonly available, men and women who are looking to take the online option as a viable dating avenue should take the time and wisely choose their matchmaking provider.

Other interesting data that can be found here suggest that while 30% of adults have used dating sites and dating apps at some point with the majority stating that their experiences were largely positive thanks to advancements in matchmaking capabilities.

Although, according to the same study, not all users found their online dating experiences positive – particularly younger women, many of whom reported having been harassed or sent unwanted explicit messages through the various available platforms.

Further data suggests how various minority groups including gays, lesbians, and seniors are finding success online with approximately 20% of these groups entering into long-term relationships or marriage as a result of looking for love online.

62% of those surveyed believe they have more chance of finding a suitable partner online than via offline or more traditional ways to meet people.

Digital technology permeates practically every aspect of society. From how we communicate at work, socially and romantically.

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